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Winx Trix coloring pages

Trix are very evil and insidious witches. They always try to interfere with the Winx fairies! They can play a nasty trick or try to capture the whole world… It is good that the girls always stay together and confront the villains. For many seasons of the animated cartoon Winx have been against Trix and there has always been the ubiquitous struggle.

But no one should be so angry and vengeful. Trix need the beautiful clothes in order to have something good in their lives! They are usually dressed in dark and gloomy colors corresponding to their characters. However, with the help of Winx Trix coloring pages it is possible to make the evil witches to be good and to conquer evil in the world! You just need to change their appearance, because everything starts with this. If you had not considered them bad, perhaps they would not have been bad. Winx Trix coloring pages will help to restore justice in the world and to make the witches kind and beautiful. Print an image and update Trix`s look.