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Author: Young_master

Winx Pixie coloring pages

Pixies are the small beautiful fairies helping Winx! They always diffuse kindness but they are too fragile to resist evil by their selves. This is why every Pixie has a friend from the Winx.

In order to make the tiny fairies even more beautiful, you should use Winx Pixie Coloring pages. Now you can make them brighter and, perhaps, even stronger! Lovely pixies will be able to protect the whole world from evil spells and will no longer be taken captive. They will no longer be laughed at because of their small height because they will become the most beautiful fairies in the world. Print your favorite Winx Pixie coloring page and start experimenting. Perhaps, the bright green will suit Pixie… or the orange... You will see what coloring page is the best one.