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Winx Sirenix coloring pages

Winx magic powers: Sirenix is a transformation stage accompanied with the external transfiguration. Winx receive this power after collecting all the stones (the stones of sympathy, courage and so on) and joining their powers. Selkas and sirenix keepers have helped them to do it.

After Sirenix transfiguration the fairies` appearance slightly changes: the hair becomes longer and it is scraped back into a ponytail (there is an attire in each fairy`s hair). The clothes have almost no changes: an ordinary top, belt and a translucent skirt worn upon the leggings. All of Winx Sirenix wear bracelets and ribbons on their hands. They have the same shape of the wings. The next power is Bloomix.

Print the coloring pages with Winx Sirenix heroines and offer your child to choose the colors he wants to paint with. Let him paint what he wants, the colors do not matter.