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Winx Season 5 coloring pages

These Winx coloring pages are related to the fifth season of Winx animated series – the danger comes from the waters. Neptune, the king of the underwater Andros kingdom, has two sons: spiteful and guileful Tritannus and kind and sympathetic Nereus who is fated to become the heir of the Andros throne. In consequence of the environmental pollution Tritannus becomes a powerful monster with the magic trident capable of converting the sea creatures into the terrible mutants.

Now his main goal is to seize the power in the underwater kingdom and conquer the Magical dimension world! Winx powers are not enough to defeat the villain in the underwater battle, so the fairies begin the hard way searching for Garmoniks and Sireniks powers which will help them become the mermaid-fairies and pit their strength against Tritannus. During this journey the magical sea creatures Selkis and Bollabis will help them. Will the Winx prevent Tritannus from becoming an evil Emperor of the Endless Ocean and capture the Magical dimension?

Choose your favorite Winx Season 5 coloring page and plunge into the magical world. Color the picture as you want.