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Lalaloopsy coloring pages

Lalaloopsy coloring pages is a series of American charming rag dolls called Lalaloopsy (Bitty Buttons).

The dolls were created by famous company named MGA Entertainment in order to develop children`s imagination and creative skills.

They teach the child that every person is an individual, all the people are unique and the life should be treated positively. 13 different Lalaloopsy dolls live in funny fantasy world where everything is arranged differently.  The houses are built at a slight incline, the animals are of different bright colors and unusual size and everything is made of fabrics, buttons and threads. Girls in the age of 4-15 years will like Lalaloopsy dolls coloring pages. Here you will find a huge number of dolls and outfits. Provide your child with brush and paints and let your kid begin to realize her fantasies.