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Winx Bloom for girls coloring pages

Bloom is a main heroine of the animated cartoon, beautiful and kind with lovely blue eyes and red curly hair. Her smile encourages many fans of the Winx series. Bloom is a playful girl who has created the Winx Club and united all the friends together. She is a red-haired fairy of the Domino planet royal lineage and she always stands up for truth and peace in the whole world. When Bloom turns into fairy, she wears a blue suit consisting of top and mini skirt, gloves and high heels.

Winx Bloom coloring pages can turn her into the most beautiful fashion girl in any clothes and colors. She will become the first girl in the magic school! Usually Bloom wears different clothes from blue and yellow clothes to sweaters and jeans decorated with heart print. But Winx Bloom coloring pages will turn her into completely new fairy which has never been seen by anyone before.

Her favorite subject is the potion making and her favorite spell is the Fire of the Dragon. Bloom`s favorite food is pizza. She likes romantic comedies and pop-music. Her favorite color is purple and red. Choose the Winx coloring page and immediately start coloring fairies. Bloom is a favorite fairy of millions of girls. As for the clothes, Bloom prefers yellow and blue shades. She likes wearing the miniskirts with the blue stockings and vans-shoes with the high lace.

These are the coloring pages for girls. They are fond of fairies and princesses. They will like the Winx Bloom coloring pages because they are bright and filled with a fairy tale. The images are regularly updated!